Natural Modular: Can off-site construction of modular buildings be combined with natural building materials and traditional craftsmanship?

Modular off-site construction often seems like the polar opposite of natural, craft-based construction – but does it have to be like this? Our aim is to combine the advantages of off-site construction, such as building in a safe, controlled environment (i.e. dry!), with the skills, craft and natural materials that are reminiscent of traditional construction. 

So how are we going to achieve this?

  • Using natural insulation such as sheep’s wool, wood-fibre and hemp
  • Incorporate traditional timber framing and exposed timber construction 
  • Return to the use of natural plasters, paints and finishes
  • By using natural roof and wall cladding materials

Out goes boring white boxes, in comes interiors clad in beautiful natural materials, like the oak-clad ceiling of the Rowanbank cabin!