Travel Restrictions Trigger Boom in UK Staycations

For all the talk of things opening up, as of 5 May 2021, it was still illegal to travel abroad from the UK for holidays.

Considering the enormous rise in coronavirus cases in India, and elsewhere overseas, Paul Wilson writing in The Scotsman, is among many commentators to suggest that “it would perhaps be wise for holidaymakers to consider another “staycation” this summer”.

Naturally, following a wearying winter stuck at home, this is leading to an unprecedented boom in interest in staycations, the ‘staycation frenzy’ as we like to call it. The Stylist has identified locations in Pembrokeshire, Gloucestershire, Cornwall, Devon, Yorkshire and Sussex as among the top trending UK destinations for 2021, and anticipation of a big summer spend has led holiday parks to invest heavily, even in the context of a sluggish economy.

Given the chilling effect of the potential to get stranded overseas or the threat of vaccine passports, it may be years before international travel returns to normal.

Sustainable Income Streams from High-End Staycations

In recent years, there has been a tremendous growth in demand for more secluded, high-end stays.

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