Tiny Homes

Like the look of our cabins but want it built as a permanent home? With some minor changes, our modular system can be used to build your dream home meeting the requirements of Building Control in any part of the UK or Ireland.

Unlike cabins built to the Residential park homes standard – your home will not be limited to the same fixed dimensions or maximum size. As long as we can break the house down in to transportable sections anything is possible!

We follow the same ethos in house building as we do for our cabins: use natural, low-impact, locally-sourced materials and combine it with traditional craftsmanship to create incredible homes.


Modular construction holds huge advantages to traditional on-site construction:

  • Streamlined project, reducing the timeframe and cost of financing
  • Not weather dependent
  • Reduce your dependence on unreliable labour
  • Improved quality control
  • Less mess on site and less waste

To discuss whether your self-build would be suit modular construction by Where Next Design, get in touch!