Glamping Planning

Planning permission can be a minefield for landowners who are at the start of creating their dream glamping business. Given the intricacies of the planning process and how much it varies from council to council, our preference is to work with local experience planning consultants to help deliver your project.

We can refer you to a number of planning consultancies experienced in the glamping sector that will maximise the chances of you being able to create the destination that you have envisaged.

Our approach to construction is particularly well suited to sensitive sites and for projects where genuine, deep-rooted sustainability is a guiding design criteria. On many sensitive rural sites planners will be looking for a project that meets their sustainability standards.

Built to Last

We only design and build structures that are designed for decades of hard use. There is nothing sustainable about cheap, flimsy buildings that need to be torn down after ten or twenty years.

Local Sourcing

Wherever possible we use local materials and local suppliers. There is nothing sustainable about shipping building materials from the other side of the planet, particularly when material can be made or grown within a few miles.

Near Zero-Plastic Construction

We already use very little plastic in our buildings, however, every building in our range can be specified with our near-zero plastic option. This radical approach to building uses natural, breathable building materials and only uses plastic where no viable (or legal) alternative is available.